AP Honda to target young consumers with ‘Power of Fun Project’ Brand Campaign

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– Introducing new TVC and Brand Ambassadors ‘Yong-Songyos’ a famous director and ‘March-Juthawut’ a rising star from ‘Hormones’

– New president to continue the Fun Delivery to Thais

Nobuhide Nagata, president of AP Honda

Nobuhide Nagata, president of AP Honda

BANGKOK, Thailand, 25 April 2014 —— AP Honda, the official distributor of Honda motorcycles in Thailand, is targeting young consumers with its new brand campaign, ‘Power of Fun Project’, under the new concept of having fun in creative ways. The idea is to encourage the teen users to make the world a better place by reducing the pollution and increasing safety with Honda motorcycles.

Aimed at raising awareness among the teen riders, the campaign is introducing new brand ambassadors which are Songyos ‘Yong’ Sugmakanan, the famous film director, and Jutawat ‘March’ Pattarakamphol, the teen heartthrob from Hormones the serial. The two brand ambassadors will join the naughty TV host Ketsepsawat ‘Nanek’ Palakawong na Ayutthaya and 25Hours Band to create new fun and change the world with teen users. Starts with new commercial ‘Power of Fun Project’ which will be premiered on 29 Aprill onwards and can be viewed online at www.youtube.com/hondamotorcycleTHA.

มร.โนบุฮิเดะ นางาตะ ประธานกรรมการยริหาร-1

On this special occasion, AP Honda is also introducing Nobuhide Nagata as the new President who will continue to deliver the fun to all users through Honda motorcycles.

“At the Bangkok International Motor Show held in March, we introduced our new brand campaign, ‘Power of Fun Project’. The campaign is to top up the fun to the previous successful campaign, ‘Discover Your Fun’. Our campaign is also in line with our new midterm plan, from 2014 to 2016, to make Honda the most loved brand in Thai society, which is to reach our goal of being the organisation of sustainability. From now on, we will ne delivering the creative fun to the Thai society through our ne brand campaign, ‘Power of Fun Project’. The creative fun we are delivering is the products and activities. Branded as a technology leader, we are determined to develop our technology and equip future products with only high innovation. PGM-FI technology which enhances performance and fuel efficiency has become standard equipment for all AT motorcycles from Honda. We also continue to develop the Combi Brake System to ensure a safety stop and Idling Stop System to reduce the fuel waste. For the fun activities, we will continue to deliver useful activities to everyone in the society. the activities include 31-legs race in primary school level; Honda Red Champion, the football competition for high school level; Honda Eco Mileage Challenge, a competition to seek the most efficient fuel economical systemic vocational school and university level; and Honda Safety Riding Centre network to educate the safety road in every region throughout the country. Moreover, AP Honda also works with The Thai Red Cross to be the centre for blood donation. As a new president of AP Honda, I am ready to continue to make Honda brand ‘The Most Loved Brand’,” said Nobuhide Nagata, president of AP Honda, the official distributor of Honda motorcycle in Thailand.

“We are creating new awareness among among the young target group by presenting a new perspective in the commercial. Honda has always been branded with a fun character; we continue to change the world with it. From now on, the young riders will not only ride Honda motorcycle for fun, but also think creatively, to make our society a more liveable place by reducing pollution and increasing safety. In the commercial, Nanek-Ketsepsawat who represents the new generation and 25Hours Band, will be together to inspire young riders. To communicate with the youngsters in the city, film director Songyos ‘Yong’ Sugmakanan and rising star Jutawut ‘March’ Patarakamphol have been chosen to be the new brand ambassadors. Songyos is not only the famous film director but also the idol and influencer of the younger generation. With his fun character, Juthawut represents the young generation who are full of fun energy. With power from all of them, they can change the world, make it a better place,” said Jutamart Inpringkanant, manager of marketing communication of AP Honda.

The new commercial for for brand campaign ‘Power of Fun Project’ will be premiered on 29 April onwards at digital TV and cable TV stations. It is also available online at www.youtube.com/hondamotorcycleTHA. Keep updated with product launches and activities from AP Honda throughout the year at http://www.facebook.com/hondamotorcyclethailand.


[Source: AP Honda]


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