RBT Technology points wireless stereo market to grow 200% introducing Jabra ROX wireless

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The high quality in-ear earphones unrivalled with power saving magnet for auto on and off

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BANGKOK, 1 April 2014 — RTB Technology Company Limited, indicating continual growth of earphones accessory market for mobile phones, especially wireless stereo products experiencing 50% growth last year, introduces “JABRA ROX Wireless,” the high quality, strong and durable wireless in-ear stereo earphones, distinguished with modern design guaranteed by CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2014. Following the growth factors driving earphones accessory for mobile phone market such as increasing numbers of Smartphone and Tablet users, the popularity of music apps on mobile phones and health consciousness trend, the Jabra ROX Wireless will effectively cater to lifestyle of consumers.

Managing director of RTB Technology Company Limited, Banphot Vatanasombut disclosed, “In 2014, the growth of mobile phone accessory market tends to be steady. Based on year-to-date sales record and world market trend, the wireless stereo market will achieve the growth by at least 200% in 2014.  Gross sales for Thai market is projected at THBaht600 million, supported by increasing numbers of Smartphone users and the 3G service rollout triggering the use of smart device for entertainment purpose. In addition, today more applications featuring music and movie bank have been offered to consumers. Therefore consumers can easily access entertainment contents through smart device. Most consumers who love physical exercise purchase entertainment accessory to use while working out. These factors together with the uptrend of wireless stereo around the world will definitely accelerate market growth in Thailand.”

Lately RBT Technology has upgraded music listening with the debut of “JABRA ROX Wireless,” the high quality wireless in-ear stereo earphones, coming with IP 52 water and dust protection, delivering High Definition Dolby® sound, easy and convenient with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC technology, made with solid steel and high quality silicon, light with 19 grammes weight and dimension of H 16.5 x W 20 x D 16 mm.  For perfect fit and full sound pleasure, the earphones work with a wide range of included EarGel and EarWing to fit every ear shape, power saving mode with auto power off when clipping ear buds together and back on when pulling the ear buds away from each other.

Moreover the “JABRA ROX Wireless” comes equipped with built-in 6 mm speakers, Dynamic speaker 92 at 1 mW per 1 kHz decibel, the remote control to operate music playback and telephone and microphone to make your conversation easy as a personal assistant only by connecting your smartphone or other device with the JABRA ROX Wireless to stand by up to 8 days, continual talk time and music listening up to 5.5-6 hours. Signal transmission extends 10 metre distance.  Quickly recharge battery in 2 hours with micro USB cable.  Concurrent connect with 8 device and use for 2 device.

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The “Jabra ROX Wireless” is available today for THBaht 3,790,- in black and white body colour.

Interested customers can purchase at Jaymart, iStudio, .Life, PowerMall, PowerBuy, TG fone and leading stores countrywide.  For more information, visit www.rtbtechnology.com

[Source : RTB Technology]


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